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Anne Welsh has a multitude of skills and talents; not only is she an acclaimed author, she also offers fashion, lifestyle and beauty tips. She is a simply inspirational individual. Having suffered from sickle-cell and spent much of her childhood in hospital, she has remained undeterred and forged a successful career in the media and fashion industry.

Alongside her fruitful career, she has raised an adorable family who are both a motivation and a support to her. Anne Welsh offers more than your average beauty blog, integrating her Nigerian heritage with her British lifestyle to provide a unique and glamorous take on the latest trends.

Whether you are interested in the best post-workout shake or ideas for that perfect red-carpet outfit, Anne is here to help. She has trawled this season’s ranges, so you don’t have to. Being a devoted mother and wife, Anne knows only too well the need for practicality as well as style.

Raising a family can be financially draining as well as exhausting, so Anne offers practical workouts with minimal equipment which are easy to fit in around family life. Her recipes are nutritious but quick and easy. Check out the ginger, lime and lemon smoothie in our health section.

Solving more than just your wardrobe dilemmas

Anne is a breath of fresh air in this overcrowded market, not just offering fashion advice but health tips to get the body to carry the garments off with style! Anne goes the extra mile and brings content that readers want.

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