Living with Pain, Finding Joy

Anne Welsh has lived with chronic pain all her life. As a sufferer of sickle cell disease, she is no stranger to the everyday struggles and mental anguish that can come from living with an invisible illness.

Like so many who suffer from painful and life-changing conditions, Anne has battled with depression: times when she believed that she could never lead a normal and happy life. But thanks to the support of many people along the way, she has discovered that life can still be wonderful, no matter your challenges.

In Pain-Less, Anne talks about these struggles and the lessons she has learned and gives advice that she hopes will help not only others in a similar situation, but also their families and loved ones.

For Anne and many like her, pain is an inevitable part of daily life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fulfil your dreams: whatever they may be.



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Anne Welsh’s memoir about life with sickle cell anaemia, publishes in June 2019.

Learn how to overcome your pain by taking a few simple steps

ISBN: 9781781329047
Publishing: Jun 2019
216 x 140mm (246 pages)

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